After 2000 years,
God Has Made A New Covenant With Man In Our Day

Maitreya's Mission is to Free all Souls from Suffering, Sorrow, Death and Rebirth,
Enlighten all People and Guarantee Perfect Total Freedom at the end of This Life,
Bring Peace, Love, Understanding, Compassion, Freedom, Truth and Joy to the living,
Bring Forth the Age of Universal God's Pure Divine Truth on Earth
And ensure the Continued Survival of Humanity

“If you are reading this, then my time has come and I have left this world of suffering, sorrow, misery, death and rebirth and am in
The Divine Spiritual Realm and in The Secret Inner Sanctuary of every Soul’s Heart. Do not grieve – for it is as it should be
and I am Free to lead all Souls Home to Paratpara – The ONE Universal God of all Creation.

“All of you, take good care of my kitties and above all – carry the Religion and the Holy Cause, Purpose and Mission that I have given to you to Victory in the world for me and the Salvation and Liberation of all Souls and to secure the Survival of Humanity.

“Look for me in The Secret Inner Sanctuary of your Heart.
You will find me there. I am with you always and you never walk alone.

“Paratparaji Kijai! All Victory and Glory to God The Beloved!

"Jai Bhagavan Ji!
JAI HO! Go and achieve Victory for me!
Maitreya The Friend of all Souls"

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